4 Bizarre Reasons politician forget their Election campaign promises and How To Hold Them Accountable


Alot of us would agree that it would be our collective national interest that our elected political  office holders be put under the whip-hand of activist and judges, if they fail to implement election campaign promises? Especially when they pretend to forget it’s dishonest and very immoral and are no longer honourables, your highness, distinguished, or great.

The way normal people or the electorate forget differs depending on whether a memory is stored in their long term or short term memory.

In Short-Term Memory-STM: There are three ways in which you can forget information in the STM:

This occurs when you do not ‘rehearse’ information, ie you don’t contemplate it. The physical trace of such memory is thought to fade over time.

Displacement is quite literally a form of forgetting when new memories replace old ones. Everyone knows the potentially vast capacity of memory, particularly long-term memory, but research by Norman has shown that numbers can replace old ones being memorized (using the serial probe technique).

It’s sometimes difficult to remember information if you’ve been trying to memorise stuff that’s similar, eg words which sound similar (in 1966, psychologist Baddeley found that participants of his study found it easier to remember words which were more distinguished). Interference can either be proactive (this is when old memories interfere with new ones) or retroactive, when new information distorts old memories.

In Long-Term Memory- Long term is supposed to be limitless in its capacity and length in terms of time.

Still though, we can forget information through decay (as in short-term forgetting) and interference from other memories.

But How Do politician forget their Election Campaign promises?

politician forget their Election Promises Because of Poor Party Ideals:

Every individual has a set of beliefs of what is right or wrong, what makes them feel super inside specially when they

accomplish something noble. When a lady goes out of her way to do something good, they feel angelic.

Political parties have sets of ideologies when brought together makes them a political entity. It is this ideologies that

gives them that same feelings that Nelson Mandela had on assuming office as first democratically elected president of

South Africa after the collapse of apartheid. However, when  a party’s idiosyncrasy is distorted with so many personal interests, do you know what you get defection and loss of locus standing.

If I am leader of a party any person that defects to my party will be given the back sit. And a none party member joining our party who has never been members of other political party has my full respect and support.

Politician forget their campaign promises when they move from one party to the other. When Political party is getting it right they experience that feeling. Unfortunately many politicians will die and never have that feeling of worth, of accomplishments, no wonder they hide behind Special Assistants and Senior Special Assistants because they lack the courage to face the electorate. spineless. They allow their courageous aids to do their dirty linen. And when it’s time to take credit they are first in line.

2. Politicians forget their Campaign Promises When They Fail To Plan Before Election- Manifesto:

Its easiest for Politician to seem to forget Election Campaign Promises if the only thing they do is mobilize support, castigate other political parties, invest money in Campaign but make no winning strategy on how to be a success after they win the election.

The problem is not that they want to be seen as failures but because the party in question may have a will to perform but lack a concrete plan, emotional stability and focus that comes as  result of knowing what to do.

3. Politicians forget their Campaign Promises When they Run With Wrong Motives:

Interference theory proposes that the brain may not be able to recall certain details due to the existence of other  details. The two main types of interference are proactive interference and retroactive interference. Proactive interference occurs when a new memory is difficult to recall due to the existence of a similar older memory. Retroactive interference is when newer information makes it difficult to recall older information. The motive a  politician has while running for political position will come to bear.

Decay theory is one possible explanation for retrieval failure. This theory suggests that a memory trace is created with the making of each new memory, and as the memory trace fades with time, it eventually vanishes if the memory is not recalled.  Why do politicians even need to want to break promises? It’s pretty easy for them to make a set of promises they can’t possibly keep. (whether they realize this or not). Frequently it’s budgetary arithmetic they blame, mind you, this constraints don’t affects their bogus allowances.

4. Politician forget their Election Campaign Promises When they are traumatized:

Motivated forgetting theory suggests that an individual does not recall certain memories because they are traumatic. Suppression and repression are the two fundamental types of motivated forgetting. Suppression occurs when an individual consciously forgets, and repression refers to those times when an individual forgets on the unconscious level.

A politician hit with motivated forgetting can happen as a result of a stroked of sudden good fortunes, or blinded by hidden vendetta, or overwhelmed by sickening over ambition, so much that they tends to set aside so easily election promises in order to satisfy these desires.

How could the electorate fight back to reclaim broken confidence?

Lawful Agitation:

Like the Washington women demonstration against the government positions on things they don’t agree. The public is already familiar with this strategy to keep politicians on the straight and narrow. However, the public is too irrational to use this strategy for various reasons. Politicians break their promises because the public tolerates dishonesty. Yes, you can blame politicians for lying; but as a wise, old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

And we allow politicians get away with broken promises. But another question is still open:Why do politicians want to make a promise that the know they will not keep in the first place?

To get elected;

First, as a politician you build a large coalition which requires making promises you won’t keep. Lets make them pay, VOTE THEM OUT. Else, you will come one day and they will make you belief they were born to be that upper class and you their sandals cleaner.

In Africa, politicians can easily break election promises with impunity and they feel pious about it. If they think it will cost less to break a promise than to fulfill it they will trash or discard it. So make them see how hugely their broken promises can affect them.

Here this,  a politician will not breaks promise, if they think they will pay heavily.

Adapt method of Mnemonic strategies, repetitive rehearsal, and emotional arousal to ensure that they remember. You should not let them rest until they fulfill promises made.

You see political promises each party makes in its manifesto are not legally enforceable. If you want to enforce them, you’ll have to use the ballot box – or run for political office yourself.

Today, The British Supreme Court ruled this morning that U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May must seek the permission of parliament to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start the country’s exit from the European Union. The 11-judge court Brexit, however, that they devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland would not need to be consulted on the decision to trigger Brexit talks.

What is the point here, Gina Miller was successful in holding the government accountable and got a ruling on a challenge against the British government’s right to start divorce proceedings from the European Union, in central London .

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