Globacom Nigeria internet Data Plan

Globacom internet Data Plan on the average may be acceptable to most internet service users in Nigeria and other West Africa countries covered by glo network for an organization that started about 10 years ago with presence in Nigeria and some African country like Ghana. Globacom offers mobile broadband service for mobile phone, desktop, laptop, iPad, iphones, androids, etc. Globacom Telecommunication is usually referred to simply as glo. The Telecom structure of glo is good and the organization is headed by Mike Adenuga the CEO. Glo bill system can be prepaid or postpaid, but most opt for prepaid Glo bill system for wifi hot spot, mobile or router.

The following is a break down of Glo internet data subscription plan (rate). Find Glo data plan for android, Glo data plan for modem and there are also data plan for all 3G Smartphones and tablets, The rates could be changed by Globacom from time time and you could check out the official website at any time to confirm the rate with the Glo network: .

Laptops & Netbooks Data Plans:

Always MAX             N7,500     8GB        30 days                          *127*1#
Always MIN              N5,000     4GB        30 days                          *127*2#
Always Day               N500        195MB   24 hours                        *127*3#
G 300                        N15,000   12GB      300 hours/3months     *127*4#
G 100                        N6,000     4GB        100 hours/1month       *127*5#
G work                       N6,000     4GB        30 days 8am to 9pm    *127*6#
G leisure                    N5000      4GB        30 days 8pm to 9am + wkn during the day   *127*7#

Glo data plan for android, mobile Smart Phones, iPad & Tablets Data Plans:
Instant Surf           N100         13MB      24 hours     *127*51#
One Week             N400         65MB      7 days          *127*52#
Always Micro       N1,000     260MB    30 days         *127*53#
Always Macro      N3,000     1.5 GB     30 days         *127*54#

Router Data Plans

Silver           N10,000         13GB     30 days     *127*11#

Gold             N15,000         20GB      30 days         *127*12#
Platinum      18,000           30GB       30 days       *127*13#

To check your data plan balance on glo, sms info to 127

SMS cancel to 127 to cancel an existing data plan before switching to a new plan.

Subscribers can text ‘ menu ‘ to 127 to get more details about Glo available data plans.

Blackberry with glo Network
Glo Nigeria Blackberry Data Plans

Glo Nigeri Blackberry Data Plans Features and affordable plans:

1. BIS:  BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 10 integrated email addresses.

2. COMPLETE:  BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 1 integrated email address

3. SOCIAL:  BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking Apps + Internet Browsing + App World

4. BES:  BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 10 integrated email address + Access to Enterprise Server
You’ll need to activate your Globacom Blackberry data SIM and then you may be able to make subscription to Glo BB data plan of your choice, your choice of subscription if you are not a heavy data user should be enough for you. You subscribe to Glo Blackberry data plan by sending as text the keywords to 777. Find below the required keywords for Glo Blackberry subscription:

Blackberry BIS:
BIS Month     Bismonth        N2,800     30 Days     3 GB
BIS WEEK     Biweek              N900     7  Days   700 MB

Blackberry COMPLETE:
COMPLETE MONTH     CoMonth     N1,400     30 Days     3 GB
COMPLETE WEEK        CoWeek       N400        7 Days   700 MB

Blackberry SOCIAL:
SOCIAL MONTH     SoMonth     N1,200     30 Days     3 GB
SOCIAL WEEK        SoWeek       N400          7 Days    700 MB

Blackberry BES:
BES MONTH     Besmonth     N4,200     30 Days      3 GB
BES WEEK        Besweek       N1,400       7 Days  700 MB

Glo Blackberry Self Help Guide:
Simply Text Appropriate keyword code e.g ‘Bismonth’ to 777 to activate a data plan bundle.
Simply Text ‘STATUS’ to 777 to check the usage status of your current subscription.
Simply Text ‘HELP’ or ‘BB’ to 777 [Glo Subscribers Only]
Simply Text ‘BB’ to 0807 987 7777 [Other Network Subscribers] for more information
Simply Text ‘cancel’ to 777 to cancel an existing data plan

Globacom Manual internet settings for mobile phones

Not all mobile phones can get automatic settings from Glo server directly to their phones. To get configuration settings you will need to  send by text message ACTIVATE to 127 using your 3G mobile phone. If you get a message prompting you to save internet settings, save it to your phone and bingo, your phone is ready to browse the internet at speed of up to 3.6 Mbps. Unfortunately, there are phones that aren’t able to receive automatic globacom internet settings. Such phones can only be configure by going to GLO office/service centres or you can do it yourself by taking the following simple steps:

Service Name:     GLOBACOM
IP Address:
Port:                       3130
Username:            flat
Password:              flat
Access point name (APN): gloflat
Home page:    

Glo internet gives your browsing a glaze, have fun

Further Reading: Go to gloworld at



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