Visafone Data Plan, Nigeria

Visafone Communication desiring to satisfy her customers introduces a revolutionized 3G internet data plan that is flexible enough for all categories of persons and maximizes individual internet budget needs.

The network has one one the most reliable fast speed broadband internet network inNigeria. Presently, in my office, we have relied on the Visafone internet for most of our internet needs.

VISAFONE INTERNET! Offers Services that cover a wide spectrum:

  • WAP
  • Prepaid Internet
  • Visafone 1X
  • Visafone EVDO
  • Mobile Internet
  • Visafone WAP

1X DATA RENEWAL PLANS: Visafone subscription

DURATION         DATA              TIME                            AMOUNT        CODE

1X Daily                  50MB              1 day    24/7                        120                   641
Weekly                   200MB              7 day 24/7                        500                  644
Monthly                 2.6GB 30           days 24/7                     3,000              642
Monthly                 6.5GB             30 days 24/7                    5,999              643
Monthly                  14GB           210 days 24/7                  20,999              671
Monthly                 28GB           420 days 24/7                  38,999               672

Monthly day Surfer(8am-9pm) 2.6GB 2GB 600MB 30 days 24/7 2,700 648

Monthly Xpress (Mon-Thurs.(8pm-7am) & Friday 8pm-Mon 7am)
2GB 2GB 30 days 24/7 2,499 647

*Fair usage policy of 50GB applies
To renew your subscription, Dial *444*code*Number# “Code” is defined above while “Number” is the data account number.

Modem Data Bundles: Visafone subscription

DURATION        TIME                            AMOUNT        CODE
1X Modem + Data 2 60 days 24/7 7,499 631
1 30 days                   24/7                         6,499                    638
12 6 months             24/7                       23,999                    633
24 12 months          24/7                        42,749                   635

*This is only applicable on Huawei EC 177 and Digifone modem

Visafone EVDO: This package is based on the EVDO technology; it is a high level data product that provides data in speeds of up to 900kbps with average of 800Kbps. This package is the right choice for those who require reliable and consistent internet access for basic internet access and multimedia purposes. It provides high data throughput and is also suitable for voice applications.

EVDO DATA RENEWAL PLANS: Visafone subscription

DURATION         DATA              TIME                            AMOUNT        CODE

EVDO Daily             150MB            1 day 24/7                      449                         651
Weekly                      100MB          7 days 24/7                     500                       657
Monthly                      6.5GB         30 days 24/7                   7,499                    656
Monthly                      13GB            30 days 24/7                    9,999                 653
Monthly                    19.5GB           30 days 24/7                 12,999                 654
Monthly                       26GB           30 days 24/7                 15,999                 655
Monthly                     3.9GB          30 days 24/7                 5,999                     652
Monthly                    200MB        30 days 24/7                1,000                     813
Monthly                       2GB            30 days 24/7                4,999                     812
Monthly Xpress (Mon-Thurs.(8pm-7am) & Friday 8pm-Mon 7am) 3GB 3GB 30 days 24/7 4,499 681
Monthly day Surfer (8am-9pm) 3GB 3GB 30 days 24/7 4,999 682

UNLIMITED 30 days 24/7 36,999 683
MONTHLY 21GB 21GB 210 days 24/7 35,999 685
Monthly 42GB 42GB 420 days 24/7 66,499 686

*Fair Usage policy of 50GB applies.

To renew your subscription, Dial *444*code*Number# “Code” is defined above while “Number” is the data account number.

EVDO MODEM BUNDLE PLANS: Visafone subscription
EVDO Modem +Data 1GB 30 days 24/7 5,499 687
2GB              30 days 24/7           6,499             688
2GB              30 days 24/7           6,999             637
3GB              60 days 24/7          9,999              632
18GB             6 months 24/7      37,999          634
36GB           12 months 24/7      70,299        636

1x Mobile Internet Renewal Plans: Visafone subscription

DURATION         DATA              TIME                            AMOUNT        CODE
1X Daily                    2MB                  1 days 24/7                    25                          661
Weekly                     40MB                7 days 24/7                   300                       667
Monthly                  150MB              30 days 24/7                700                       668
Monthly                  650MB              30 days 24/7             1,500                       662

EVDO Mobile Internet Renewal Plans
EVDO Daily                  12MB        1 day 24/7          100               663
WEEKLY                       50MB       7 days 24/7        400              665
Monthly                     200MB    30 days 24/7        1,000          669
Monthly                        1.56GB  30 days 24/7        3,000         664

Note: These data plans are only for mobile phones.

To renew your subscription, Dial *444*code*Number# “Code” is defined above while “Number” is the data account number.

1.                *444*600# To access RC Data Pay menu Tree
2.                *444*601*MDN# Check Your Current Data Plan
3.                *444*602# To Confirm Subscription Transaction
4.                *444*603*MDN# Cancel Your Current Plan

This flexible package is perfect for those who like to surf the internet via their cell phone.

Mobile Internet:

BlackBerry VisafoneVisafone Mobile Internet is designed to give Subscribers access to emails, calendar and contacts off their mobile device using CDMA 1x/EVDO. Using Push technology, subscribers can have real-time access with synchronization capability from mobile phone devices to their enterprise email, calendar and contacts. Subscribers can also get access to POP3 along with web mails like hotmail, Gmail, yahoo, etc.

Through mobile WAP you could check your emails, access modern news stories, check out weather forecasts and find updated on sports reports directly through your cell phones while on the move. You can even know more about live TV.

Visa WAP is a value added applications which provide instantaneous access to social networking portals like Facebook, Twitter,Yahoo Messenger as well as unlimited usage of ringtones, sports and International news, e-mail services and lots more!

How to configure cdma network of visafone internet on your mobile: To create your mobile make use of WAP services do the next:

Select Menu>My menu>WAP>Advanced>setting->Set gateway>Gateway 2>Enter IP Address.

Port Number: 8080
User Name:
PW: wap
Setting>Select gateway>Highlight gateway 2 and choose set Homepage:

You’ll PAY 4 kobo per kilobytes, only according to the data you consume or you could subscribe to a package.

The Prepaid Internet is built to enable Visafone Subscribers to browse net anytime anywhere within the Visafone coverage area on pay as you browse basis. This package is found on the CDMA 1x technology.

Prepaid internet is created for use who own a data enabled phone that will act as a modem e.g. Haier D200, Fixed Wireless Terminal phone, Delta CK Music, Huawei C2860, Motorola V9m etc. due to ease of checking balance and recharging.

Tariff : The service is charged at N2.50/min

In line with the CDMA 1x technology; which allows you to access internet anytime with speeds as high as 153kbps* on shared basis.

To register your internet data SIM you would need the following:

  1. Valid ID Card [International Passport or Driver License or National ID Card]
  2. Passport photograph
  3. Evidence of Address [Power bill like Utility bill or Water Board Bill]

All plans are automatically renewed when subscribers load required amount on modem with recharge cards before expiration.

It is possible to switch from prepaid internet to any plan of your liking.
You’ll be able to renew your plan simply by topping up your modem with recharge cards or dialing the codes above from any Visafone prepaid handset.
You possibly can move from your present plan to another plan only after your present plan EXPIRES.

To purchase a Visafone Mobile Internet, go to the nearest Visafone outlet or
existing Visafone Mobile surfers can update their subscription by simply loading the necessary airtime on their phone; the airtime will likely be automatically deducted to renew their subscription.

How to check visafone modem balance:

Dial          *444*601*07025000000#     where 07025000000 represents the SIM card number

Note:Your subscription expires at the expiration date or upon consumption of the allocated volume. In case your volume is exhausted ahead of the allocated days, the service will stop. You have an option of purchasing exactly the same data plan or other plan of your choice to continue enjoying the service.


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