Ezinachi Clay and Burnt brick industry


In 1981 under the regime of Chief Samuel O. Mbakwe, the then governor of Imo state, established a Clay and Burnt brick industry in Ezinachi near a popular and well patronized market called Daily market. This market is a centre of commerce in the ward. Every market day traders from all the communities in Ezinachi as others coming from far and wide come to the market either to buy or to sell.

The brick industry remained functional until sometime ago it was abandoned and remains dilapidated. In recent times the government of Rochas Okorocha of the APC has developed a renewed interest in the capasity of he industry in Ezinachi to provide more jobs to the people of Imo state. They are looking into expanding the capacity of the clay product.

It is hoped that this would bring sucker to the people of Imo state.


Wireless Internet service Providers

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) now offer wireless alternate for mobile users in this fast growing information age. It is not uncommon to find young men and women with portable devices, chatting, making calls, sending emails as they go from place to place. The older ones and even the senior citizens who are young at heart are not left behind in this frenzy. Schools and organizations now integrate Internet hotspot to existing wired network for high speed Internet connectivity. With a Linksys or Cisco wireless access point it is easy to set up a hotspot in any office without the need of running network cables.

Advantage of Mobile Internet Network

Mobile Broadband Service allow users to make every moment count by connecting to Internet access just about everywhere by utilizing the mobile internet service in form of hotspot.


Internet mobile everywhere

Most internet service providers now offer wireless alternate for mobile users

Devices that use Mobile Internet

Laptop computers have always been major endpoints for the mobile broadband usage, now people use blackberry smart phones, PDAs.

Mobile Internet providers-Nigeria

Most internet wireless providers here in Nigeria use the GSM network technology; MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL, use both 2G and 3G and the more popular CDMA GSM network provider VISAFONE, Multilink, Starcoms use EVDO standard-EVDO 1XRTT, Rev 0, etc,


Internet access-Unlimited with Usage Cap


Most Mobile broadband internet service providers have usage caps. When they use the word unlimited. It is important to read between the line when making subscriptions, try to understand the condition of service. Black berry subscriptions most times have usage cap of about 3G per month. probably only Multilinks does offer unlimited internet access plan but thier service needs to be shined.


Availability of Broadband services


Its understood that internet network for the major carries in Nigeria are beter now on the average accross boad board, rates are fairly uniform but when it come to making up your mind which to subscribe for, then your location matter; whether your location falls within the coverage area should take piority, so coverage is usually the deciding factor on which service is best to suit your needs.


Other factors


Like network Speed-GLO, VISAFONE, MTN in that order fair better


Network Coverage-MTN, GLO, AIRTEL are more readily available


Data Network Reliability-Where it is available GLO, VISAFONE, MTN is ok

Help/Support-Where it is available VISAFON, GLO, ETISALAT provide more support



The Nigeria internet governance forum

El-Rufai introduces harmonized feeding system for students in Kaduna


By Lola Seriki- Idahosa,Kaduna

Kaduna State Government has announced that it will introduce a harmonized feeding system for all post primary students in boarding schools in order to monitor and control the quality of the menu served.

The State Commissioner for Education, Dr Shehu Usman, disclosed this while speaking to the media in Kaduna on Wednesday.

Dr Usman said in the new feeding arrangement, same meal will be served to students as breakfast, lunch and dinner, explaining that “if students in the state are to be served rice as lunch, every boarding school under the control of the state will serve rice for lunch and it is only in doing that the inspectors will be able to identify which school (serves) rice that is below standard.

“We introduced this formula because of report of poor meals being served to students which sometimes has led to health hazard. The Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, released some money to a committee that will carry out the harmonization of the feeding system. They will prepare menu list for every term and schools must strictly adhere to the list.

“We are not hiding the fact that Kaduna State education system is one of the most neglected aspects in the 16 years of PDP administration in the state, but we have to start from somewhere and because change is all about seeing result, we want to start by letting our students eat the best food that is available.

“The committee will also supervise suppliers of the foodstuffs and any one that is found wanting will be disengaged because we don’t want them to supply food that you cannot give to your wards in the homes to our students,” he said.

The commissioner also confirmed that money has been released to state scholarship board for payment of students of the state studying in various tertiary institutions in the state.

He, however, explained that before the payment is effected, the Ministry Of Education, in conjunction with the scholarship board, will conduct a thorough biometric verification of students.

“With this biometric verification, which is going to be very simple and not tedious for our students, we will be able to identify those who are actually students from Kaduna state, so that they get what is due to them and we will also go after people who are manipulating the system to collect scholarship whereas they have already graduated from tertiary institutions.

“We are also working with private school owners in the state in order to verify the private schools and know those of them who are eligible to operate and if the area they are operating are good for academic purposes,” he explained.

Boko Haram: Military Chief tasks Air Force Institute on fresh innovations to end insurgency


By Lola Seriki- Idahosa, Kaduna

Chief of  Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadiq B. Abubakar on Wednesday charged officers and men of Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna to develop more sophisticated equipment  for use in fighting and bringing to an end Boko Haram insurgency in the north eastern  part of the country.

Air Marshal Abubakar who is also the Chairman, governing council of AFIT spoke with Journalists in an interview shortly after the 44th convocation ceremony of graduating 400 students from the institute. The Air Force  chief said for the institute to achieve the feat, it must conduct research and development, taking into serious consideration security challenges in the North East.

He said, “I think the institution is properly positioned to address some of the challenges the country is facing and that I am sure that it will impact positively (on)  our effectiveness in dealing with the insurgents

“AFIT has a mandate for conducting research, it has been doing well in terms of research and development and we have charged them to do more taking into cognizance the challenges we have in the North East, so we are going to see what they have come up with, they have developed and (updated) the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles known as Gulma some years ago and I am sure, we will be able to see the Gulma, updated flying again.

“All these efforts are geared towards addressing the problems that we have in the North East, ..the institute is also training our technical support personnel which will be required  to support the airplanes that are flying not only in the north east,but in other places like training institutes”.

Earlier, in his address, the Comandant of AFIT, Air Commodore Misbau A. Soladoye expressed satisfaction with the students’ academic performance, urging them to be Ambassadors of the institute whenever they might find themselves.

Also, in his speech, the guest of honour,Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai called on the management of the institute to always run to him for assistance that could uplift the standard of the institute from now till the end of his first 4-year tenure in office.

In his own address, the Provost of the institute, Professor Emmanuel Ezugwu disclosed that AFIT was investing hugely both in human capacity and financial resources to meet aspirations regarding aircraft development.

“AFIT in contributing to the national security thematic area, has embarked on a number of research and development projects aimed at aiding security agencies to efficiently enforce the rule of law.

“Some of these research efforts led to the successful completion of the design, manufacture and test flying of different versions of the unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), nicknamed the AMEBO ,for aerial surveillance as well as the design of AFIT light surveillanceTrainer (ASTL) aircraft.

“These projects include the design and manufacture of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detection and disposal unit known as the Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), versions 1&2 as well as the (aforementioned)  AMEBO UAV project”the Provost said.

Sunmonu heads 7-man Committee as NLC resolves crisis


NLC crisis ends 1

The reunited NLC leaders

By Danlami Nmodu

There were strong  indications  that the crisis rocking the Nigeria Labour Congress  ,NLC has been effectively  resolved in Abuja  on Wednesday.Newsdiaryonline learned  that labour veterans in conjunction with Edo state Governor Adams Oshiomhole  brought the Ayuba Wabba and Joe Ajaero factions of NLC together at a reconciliation meeting held at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja.

Wednesday’s session  ,Newsdiaryonline further learned  had been preceded by meetings  with the  rival sides towards finding a common goround.A prominent actor  within labour circles told Newsdiaryonline that effectively ‘we have come to  accept Wabba as the President”, even as the leaders seek to resolve outstanding issues.

Towards a final resolution of the lingering issues, a 7-man Committee has been  raised  to be led by Alhaji Hassan Sunmonu .The Ayuba Wabba and Joe Ajaero sides will  have three representatives respectively. Newsdiaryonline learned that the committee is largely  tasked with  ensuring inclusive leadership and harmonization of  interests and structures.

As a proof that  the crisis has indeed  ended ,there will be a joint organ meeting  to reaffirm the resolutions reached ,very soon.

Newsdiaryonline  further learned that  labour leaders have restated their commitment to obey  the rules guiding elections.It could be recalled  that   the factional crisis that rocked the congress  was traceable to the reopening of nominations for post  prior to the last set of elections.

In line with the new spirit of reconciliation, the leaders also resolved that  the renewed commitment to the rules should guide  the repositioning of NLC secretariat as the events of the recent past were viewed as deplorable.

The meeting was also said to  have looked at several ethical issues rocking the congress.Top on that list  is the yet to be resolved Kriston-Lally –NLC  Housing scam.Also, the issue of NLC’s abandoned property in Lagos which needs  to be reclaimed was said to have been looked into.

A major  highlight of Wednesday’s reconciliation meeting was  the agreement  that all the cases in  court pertaining  to the crisis should be withdrawn.

Some of the key stakeholders at the reconciliation meeting include Oshiomhole, Sunmonu, Ali Ciroma,Ero Philips and SOZ  Ejiofor.Femi Falana(SAN) was also there as an observer.

The reunited labour leaders at  the reconciliation meeting included Comrades  Wabba, Ajaero, Issa Aremu and  Adeyemi among others.

SON unfolds new initiative to check substandard goods


SAGBy Abdullahi Mohammed

As part of the effort to tackle the issue of substandard goods in  Nigeria, the  Standards Organisation Of Nigeria (SON)  has  launched Operation Flush.   Speaking in Abuja on Monday at a round table  with Civil Society Organizations under the auspices of  Standard Awareness Group ( SAG)  SON  DG, Joseph Odumodu said the recent European Union ban on beans and other agricultural products leaving Nigeria was regrettable stating that, had the exporters of those products taken advantage of the lab, such occurrence would have been avoided.

Odumodu in his opening  remark said  "Operation E - Flush, (is) an initiative that will expand our scope of engagement in our defence of quality and fight against substandard goods and counterfeit products. I am truly honoured by your presence here today bearing in mind that you have other equally important engagements.

This is an initiative I am truly excited about because we have waited patiently for the right time to unleash the scheme and now we are ready because our  e- registration schemes have been on since 2013. Also , our quality helpers such as accredited labs , metrology labs,National Metrology institute and the certification of our officers have been completed and upgraded. Now, Operation E- Flush cannot only begin but be effective"  he added .

The Director  General  also sighted that  " Operation E - Flush is coming at a time our six point agenda - compliance monitoring through market raids of various industries, consumer engagements, media engagement, capacity building , developing the competitiveness of locally made goods and global relevance- has been collapsed into the MINFOW  (Made In Nigeria For The World ) for easier grasp and focus.

Speaking earlier  at the event,  the National Coordinator  SAG  Mohammed Attah while affirming the relationship between SON and SAG in fighting sub standards goods in Nigeria said  that  " the SON is an institution towards enhancing  a standard goods in Nigeria.  As you already know SON has a huge task of ensuring that comes to past in Nigeria. At that meeting that was held  in  Sokoto state and several environ held  at national levels  . Standard Awareness Group  (is) on   list serve for   networking   key  stakeholders essentially  to allow everybody  connect  to discuss  issues surrounding standards at every level of the society and that has been on   and we have been working and  I am  also very happy to say that the team working with Director General has  been very wonderful  in ensuring that civil society (organizations)  are part and direct campaigning and  that  is what we want and why we want to continue to identify with them" he stated.

Attah  also said that "Standard Awareness  Group has its new law renewed in 2015 . And it was signed before the previous administration  ended   . We are also part of that move because we did alot  of work (on that ). I am happy to announce to you formally now that  Standards Organization of Nigeria  (SON) is now one of the anti corruption agencies in Nigeria.  Is on that note based on the kind of understanding with Standards Organization of Nigeria  SON ,that we are convening  inviting stakeholders particularly civil society of organization that is  all over the country" he stated.

Attah also  enjoined the media  to become  part of this fight against a substandard  products in Nigeria.

Refrain from reckless loan approvals , Social Action charges National Assembly


A civil society organization,Social Action, has slammed the recent approval by the National Assembly for Edo State to borrow $75 million from the World bank.

A statement on Wednesday by Vivian Bellonwu,head, Social Action Abuja said “In a country where over two - thirds of its federating states has gone  bankrupt and unable to meet statutory obligations as basic as payment  of workers' wages, the National Assembly should have known and infact  ought to know that what is needed now are pragmatic steps to return  these states onto the path of economic wellbeing instead of approvals  for more loans as it recently granted to Edo state to borrow a  whopping sum of $75 million from the World bank.

She said “With Nigeria currently grappling with yet another loan burden and the  fear of repayment following profound indebtedness of several states,  ministries and agencies of the country, the National Assembly needs  refrain from worsening the hardship of Nigerians through gratuitous  loan approvals.

According to Social Action,”This latest loan approval for Edo state is not only unjustifiable but  a sad disservice to the poor suffering masses of the state that no  doubt will bear the burden of these debts. Evidence on ground show  that the Edo state government has not sufficiently matched the several  loans it has acquired over the years with commensurate infrastructural  development and service delivery.

“ It is also on record that the  nation's Debt Management Office, D.M.O, had in March, 2013, warned  some states including Edo state to refrain from further borrowings  given the unduly unsustainable high profile these states had reached  in indebtedness. Edo state which ranks among the most indebted states  in the country with an external debt of $123.1 million as at December,  2014 and an equally staggering sum of N48,190,150, 127.26 billion in  domestic debt as of December 2013 also has a history of poor  procurement practices.

The civil society organization   stated further that  “Indices have also shown that virtually all the loans obtained by  authorities in the country (on the behalf of Nigerians) were all  either misappropriated or outrightly stolen; none achieved what it was  obtained for. On the other hand, similar indicators also show that it  is the ordinary Nigerian citizens that bear the burden of these loans  as was evidently demonstrated with the states salary crisis.

Also , the Programmes Manager of Social Development Integrated  Centre (Social Action) Mr Ken Henshaw, "what I expect the National  Assembly to do with regards to the debt crisis currently facing the  country is to institute full scale investigation of all the loan  acquisitions by states, ministries, agencies and departments in the  country in order to ascertain the state of these loans with a view to  recovering non-performing ones instead of approving more loans that  are likely going to end up the way of the previous ones".

Social  Action ,therefore  called  “ on the National Assembly to halt any further approval of loans  for any state, ministry or agency in the country until full audit of  the loans have been carried out and their application established.”

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